Academic Tutoring

Whether you're struggling to catch up or you want to push ahead of the pack, academic tutoring can be a beneficial way to boost your academics. Fill out the form below, let us know your needs, and we will match you with the right person. Our tutors are available for virtual tutoring via FaceTime or Zoom.

Our tutoring rates are as follows:


     $145 for a package of 4 sessions ($36.25/hr)

     $265 for a package of 8 sessions ($33.13/hr)

     $25 cancellation fee for under 24 hours


We make reading fun! We can help bring you up to speed with peer reading groups, private tutoring, or speed reading courses. Don't forget to check out our Book Clubs!


Meet with a tutor to polish your writing or work on that big report....or join one of our classes in Creative Writing to let the writer in you shine.  Whatever your needs, we have something for you.


Whether you're struggling to learn your times tables or you need help with AP Calculus, we have skilled math tutors to help you make the grade.


While we don't have a lab and won't be making any baking soda volcanoes, we can help with the academics of science, from studying for the next big test or balancing chemical equations.


Spanish tutors are available for those who want to hone their Spanish language skills for dual immersion or for ELL learners who need help with English. (Adults welcome!)

College Prep

We have a wide array of college prep services. For a complete list of services, including ACT/SAT preparation or college essays, please visit our sister site at WWW.DECODETHETEST.COM

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