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Beyond the Blackboard was designed to be an "extension of the home," a cozy and comfortable place to learn and grow. Our name says it all: we pick up where school leaves off.


We offer academic tutoring in a variety of subjects for those who need to catch up or want to get ahead, an after school homework club to work on assignments or catch up on reading minutes, and enrichment classes in all sorts of awesome areas to feed your creativity and imagination.


Please come see us, kick off your shoes, and chase after what moves you.  

Rebecca Tibbits, Owner

Meet Our Teachers

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Rebecca T.

Owner, Head Tutor

K-12: English, Writing, Test Prep

Svetlana G.


K-8: Reading, Writing, Math

Becki New Pic 2.jpg
Becki K.


6-12: Math, Physics

Joanne A.


6-12: Statistics, Math, Physics

Haley S.


K-12: Writing, Math, Spanish

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